Sunday, June 15, 2008

A really busy weekend with the NBSDC Club Ch show on Saturday at Myerscough Equestrian Centre. A really nice venue with good size rings. A late start for Malinois,not in the ring until around 5pm. Cougar had BD and Lexi was BP in Breed. The weather was a bit changeable and an early start, 2am, left both myself and the dogs not at our best. Back to Anns' for a coffee and a bite to eat before setting off for the long trek home.I got back at 1.40am and fell into bed after sorting the dogs out at around 3am. It had been lovely to see Steve and Gerry again and they are looking forward to coming to stay for a few days next weekend to pick up their new puppy Laekenois, Teazle.
Today was busy with a visit from Heidi and her owner Katie. Heidi is a Cliche puppy from Stellar, and it was nice to get some photos of the two together. Sad news that Kate and her husband are being posted to Germany for 3 years but hopefully they will get to a few UK shows and will show abroad too.
We erected an elephant run for the puppies and they had a great time charging up and down stretching their legs and digging holes! They are really coming on now and getting their little characters. The quietest boy has become the one that hangs on to trouser legs and Teazle is quite the ringleader where mischief is concerned. They love carrying their toys and having mock battles and were glad to go to bed tonight having worn themselves out. Not long now before they go to their new homes, the weeks have flown by, but I must say it is a relief that they are not in the house any longer and we can return to something near normality.
Great news from David with Rusty that they were 3rd in Grade 6/7 Agility and 2nd in the ABC qualifier too yesterday at Tatton Park.
At RVA in Peterborough Barbara with Deja had 3 clear rounds and was 11th in Grade 1.

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