Sunday, June 29, 2008

A busy couple of days with Frizzle going to her new home with Sue Sercombe of Trelowen Buhunds and Sibes. (Sues' daughter Jacqui has Lexi the Malinois).
We had a visit from Jeff Sampson, the KC geneticist, who was instrumental in helping me get dispensation from the KC to do this mating. I was really pleased that he thought the pups were so uniform in type, very Belgian and had great outgoing characters. He has taken the paperwork to the KC for me and they will all be registered as Laekenois***( with 3 asterisks). Each successive generation will lose an asterisk until, by the third generation, they will just be registered as Laekenois. This is such an exciting time and I hope to be able to get pictures of each puppy as it grows so that I can see the differences in coat and furnishings.
Martin has come up to collect his puppy,Antar, and we had a busy day as the pups had to go to the vets for their first injection. They were so good! Normally we have some noise but they all sat together, a few were sick but, on the way back they all went to sleep, not even waking up when we got home.
Forgot all about the results from Windsor on Thursday!
Cougar was BD and BOB, Kobra RBD, Ciel BB and Lexi RBB and BP! Cougar, Ciel and Lexi were 2nd in the Team Stakes. It was a lovely sunny day and the dogs enjoyed themselves. By the time we got to Peterborough, on the way home, it was teeming with rain!

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