Friday, June 6, 2008

What a busy week! Gerry and Steve arrived Tuesday to see the puppies as they are having a bitch for Gerry to show and Steve to work--Kyp will be pleased. It was so lovely to see them and Gerry has made so much progress, even since Crufts. We had a good crack about Belgians-what else?-and what a laugh we had! They stayed an extra day and we had such a good time. They chose their bitch-Teazle-and had lots of cuddles with her, and are coming back in a couple of weeks to collect her.

The puppies had lots of other visitors this week too-they don't seem phased by much. They are still indoors :(( as the weather has just been so unpredictable, so as you can imagine it is a full time job cleaning up after them. Christine came down with her mob and puppy Tala had a good game with Sam, Barbaras' Malinois. Wendy came to have a hug with Bristle (ooh I like that name)and Yvonne Brason came with a friend to see them too. Martin is having a dog puppy so he has come up for the weekend too, so it has been the usual Open House with the kettle on the go continuously.
I had a swap of vans with Carol and Dave so the dogs thought we must be going to a show as we have a big yellow taxi now. Celine has parked herself by it just in case she misses out.
Udall, the Groenendael, has moved into the house now that his brother DK has gone to his new home and has been helping out in the yard--running off with the hosepipe at every available opportunity!
The rain has been torrential today, unfortunately, just after I had put the dogs out and nipped out to the village the heavens opened. By the time I got back I couldn't even make a dash from the van to the house so you can imagine the state of them by the time it stopped enough for me to go down the field. The dogs thought it was great and had galloped round until they had made mud slides and water features. Have you ever seen a Belgian that looks like it was the result of a chocolate fondue explosion? If I hadn't felt so despondant I would have taken photos but instead I armed myself with a hosepipe and tried to get as much mud off as I could and by the end of it I had as much mud on me as they did. Roll on Summer----or did I miss it already?

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