Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The pups are 7 weeks tomorrow and it is hard to think they will soon be going off to their new homes. Most are going to working and show homes which will be good. Some are for agility, some obedience, some, hopefully, working trials. The weather has been pretty cool and blustery today with a bit of wind on the air, but it hasn't bothered them at all. They have all been playing out in the big run and sleeping outside during the day too. I do shut them in at night just incase they don't go in to bed, and they are very quiet until they realise I am up and around in the morning. Then they demand someone lets them out and gets their breakfast--quick!!! They love carrying their toys about and, as you can see, are very much like cats balancing upside down. A favourite game is charging up and down with a toy and then rolling over and over--just like Brizo does. Coats are definitely changing now and most have whiskers under their chins and mouths. Hopefully the weather will clear tomorrow and I can take some individual photos and clip nails again.

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