Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We have had a lovely four days with Gerry and Steve, and they have taken their new puppy,Teazle, home today. Here she is with steve and already retrieving her tracking harness. Steve has been putting her in the car every day to get her used to it. I bet Kyp will be in for a shock tonight.

We have been busy teaching Cougar and Roo to track, Steve set us some straight legs and gentle curved tracks up in the field. They both got the hang of it but we have a lot of work to do, as I am sure Steve will be doing a progress test when they come back to stay in August. Steve was teaching Udall about retrieves too and Gerry had a great time with Oodly Doodly :))

So now we are down to 7 pups and it does seem strange, only 7 for a few days until Martin comes to fetch Antar at the weekend. Next week Yvonne comes from Wales,Conall comes from Ireland, then Sue comes from Guernsey the following week, so quite a cosmopolitan litter. Hopefully we will see most of the puppies around the shows as well as in Agility and Obedience rings.

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