Sunday, June 22, 2008

Udall is a very useful sort of puppy:- here he is collecting the bucket to feed the pups and then bringing the bucket back . Well, in his own way he thinks he is useful but I think he is just very good at teasing those poor Laekenois puppies from this side of the fence.
Despite rain yesterday and then very blustery winds today the puppies have been asleep out in their run, totally unfazed by anything.
Gery and Steve have come down for a few days, to collect Teazle, so we are having a good laugh. Bristle went to his new home today with Wendy Fairlamb, and I must say it has been very strange only counting up to 9 ! Christine has come today to pick up her puppy Soli and will be taking him home tomorrow. So full house this weekend, and then there will be only 7!

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