Monday, June 2, 2008

It is a few days since I posted pics of the Laekenois pups and, as you can see, they have grown!Poor Brizo usually feeds them standing up but today she decided to lie down and was overwhelmed by the horde-not that she seemed to mind. They are 4 weeks old now and are beginning to get some longer whiskery bits around their mouths and their coats are quite full with longer guard hairs. As the weather has changed for the worse again they are still indoors and it is a full time job changing newspaper and feeding them. Hopefully, if we get better weather by the end of the week I can move them into the Neaverson where they will have more space and an outside run.
They had a taste of freedom when Lisa and I wormed them today and are getting quite good at barging their way out and charging up and down the room. We weighed them and the males were nearly all between 2 +1/4--2+1/2 Kg and the females between 2 + 2 +1/2Kg.Real hippos! They all vie for attention and want to be picked up for a fuss and are playing very hard with each other, getting quite cross when those teeth bite a bit too hard. They are sleeping a lot lighter so I have to creep past so as not to wake them up as they think I should feed them every time! At least they sleep through the night but are soon clamouring for breakfast once they hear me get up in the morning.

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